The return of Indra Nooyi

Reader Ken Kampshoff points out that Drudge has posted the guests and menu for the White House dinner given by President and Mrs. Bush this evening for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Mrs. Gursharan Kaur. Among the guests are Weekly Standard executive editor Fred Barnes, Rep. Bobby Jindal, and GE chief executive officer Jeffrey Immelt — great! (We’ll meet up with Jeff Immelt ourselves tomorrow night when he makes the rounds for Dartmouth in Minneapolis.)
Also on the guest list is Ms. Indra Nooyi — not great! In fact, almost unbelievably disgusting. Why? If you’re new to Power Line, or have a memory as short as mine, you might want to review the story I related most recently in the Daily Standard column “The straight story.” What can I say? That hurts.


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