I’m over the moon

It’s John Roberts.
Keith Olbermann and Dana Milbank are not over the moon. Keith led off his interview of Milbank by suggesting this was “wag the dog” — in other words, that President Bush pushed up the announcment to divert attention from Rove. Milbank agreed that, of course, that’s what is going on.
Putting the “reality-based community” aside for a moment, it’s worth looking again at this Washington Post profile of Roberts by Charles Lane and Jerry Markon that we posted yesterday.
And here’s what I wrote about Judge Roberts a little while back:

Another great choice would be John Roberts of the District of Columbia Circuit. Roberts is also quite bright and strongly conservative. He lacks the long judicial track record, but that is a plus in one sense — it may make it more difficult to claim “extraordinary circumstance” in a way that passes the straight-face test for Graham, DeWine, etc. (trust me, though; Roberts is not at all Souter-like). In addition, the Senate recently confirmed Roberts. This (a) makes it difficult credibly to claim extraordinary circumstances and (b) suggests his strength as a nominee, since he got through prior to “the deal” when the sledding was tough. Indeed, given Roberts’ middle age movie star looks and considerable charm, he’s not a good prospect for a “Borking,” though the Democrats nonetheless will give it a shot.

And how is this for a resume:

Judge Roberts received his bachelor


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