Miss Universe…the Sequel

Very early this morning, the Trunk did a post on the City of Toronto’s astonishing decision to ban Miss Universe–a resident of Toronto–from participating in a promotional event there. The city relied on an ordinance that prohibits anything that might be “degrading to men or women through sexual stereotyping.” Toronto has since relented and apologized in the face of outrage from people like us.
The incident is instructive, nevertheless, because it demonstrates that political correctness is not about diversity, or liberation, or whatever; but rather, is about naked tyranny.
To celebrate Toronto’s retreat, and to make it up to our readers for the ads that featured various diet schemes for the last week or so, including a “before” bikini photo that was not wholly pleasing, in my opinion, here is a shot of Toronto’s own Miss Universe, who has now been liberated to participate in commercial events after all:


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