They Were Already Beneath Contempt…

…but now some Democrats have sunk lower. They are hinting that John Roberts is a homosexual because he was once photographed–more than thirty years ago–wearing plaid pants. You think I’m making this up? Charmaine Yoest has the story. If you think that’s contemptible, consider this: some on the Left have also suggested that Roberts’ four year old son is “gay.”
Throughout American history, until now, there have been limits. There have been depths beneath which Americans would not sink for the sake of partisan advantage. Even during the Civil War, when the Democrats were fighting to preserve slavery, limits were observed. Now, all civility is gone. There is no depth to which some Democrats will not sink. Hold your nose. Things are only going to get worse. With MoveOn and the Daily Dose dominating Democratic politics, all constraints are gone.
UPDATE: On a related note, Michelle Malkin notes that the Washington Post thinks the Roberts family is too well-dressed. Unbelievable.


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