White elephant on Turtle Bay

This evening on his radio show our friend Hugh Hewitt played the testimony of Donald Trump in a Senate subcommittee hearing yesterday. Radioblogger will have an audio clip posted presently. In his testimony, Trump hilariously critiques the planned United Nations remodelling project. Trump is like a master teacher and comedian in this testimony, using repetition, pacing, vernacular, and expertise to bring the house down. Bravo!
Congress has not provided the occasion for such a performance since Mark Twain’s “Facts concerning the recent resignation.” Our own John H. covered the remodelling story in his Daily Standard column this past May: “Trouble at Turtle Bay.” In the pages of the New York Sun, Meghan Clyne has owned this story. Today she covers Trump’s testimony: “Trump tells Congress U.N. should abandon Turtle Bay.”
UPDATE: Radioblogger has posted the audio clip and transcript of Trump’s testimony here.


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