Miss Universe…the prequel

In “Miss Universe…the sequel,” we reported that the gorgeous Canadian Miss Universe had been banned from making commericial appearances with her official sash in Toronto. The city relied on an ordinance that prohibits anything that might be “degrading to men or women through sexual stereotyping.” Municipal authorities have since relented and apologized.
Now Professor Scott Moffat of Wayne State University reminds us:

In light of Toronto banning Miss Universe from appearing in the city, I thought I would bring to light or remind you of an even more ridiculous council decision. In 1991, the mayor of Toronto and city council voted to ban “The Barenaked Ladies” [of “One Day,” “Brian Wilson” and other hits] from playing in Toronto because their name is offensive to women!

Professor Moffet directs us to the biting Canada Free Press article by Arthur Weinreb that makes the connection between Toronto banning the rock group Barenaked Ladies in 1991 and Toronto banning the gorgeous, fully clothed Miss Universe lady in 2005: “Mayor and council snub Miss Universe.”


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