The reality gap

Avram Shacham writes:

After reading all the praise for Secretary Rice in yesterday’s WSJ, isn’t it sad to see the reality gap between Rice’s praise for Abbas and Abbas’ own Fatah suicide bomber being caught at the same time on the way to kill more Jews in Tel Aviv?
Also note how sad that the terrorist’s handler is a Palestinian, who implemented the “Right of Return” by marrying an Israel Arab woman, and is now an Israeli citizen living in Tel Aviv/Jaffa. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Rice, and was impressed how, as National Security Adviser, she avoided all the common Palestinian appeasement traps, while then Secretary of State Powell made all possible mistakes. I wish Dr. Rice didn’t change course.

Schacham’s reference is primarily to the second story included in the following roundup from Haaretz: “Two Israelis killed in Gaza strip shooting attack.” Shacham also refers to this AP story: “Palestinian militant clampdown praised.”


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