To be young, gifted and Republican

Meg Kreikemeier writes:

Shortly after the election I dug through all sorts of statistics to discredit Lawrence O’Donnell’s claims that the red states were “welfare states.” After Howard Dean claimed that Republicans haven’t worked an honest day in their lives, I used some of those statistics to write a piece for the Chicago Tribune which has finally been published today. In it I quote Paul Mirengoff from a post he wrote about Lawrence O’Donnell’s quote.

Meg’s column is “Rich capitalists or dishonest slackers?” In her column, Meg writes:

For so long, Democrats have criticized Republicans as the party of the rich, and they still do when discussing tax cuts, budget deficits and Social Security. However, Republicans have now become the party of dishonest slackers who don’t contribute to the federal government and yet make demands of it.
Republicans can’t be rich capitalists and people who don’t work at the same time.
So which is it?

To get her answer, check out the column.


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