A planted story gone bad

Yesterday we noted, based on a column by Jonathan Turley, that Senator Durbin appeared to be flirting with the idea of holding John Roberts’ deeply held Catholic beliefs against him. Turley reported that, when Roberts met the Senator, Durbin had interrogated Roberts about how he would handle a hypothetical conflict between Catholic principles and the law. The hypothetical is more than a little far-fetched because, to my knowledge, Catholicism doesn’t make it a sin to declare bad laws constitutional.
Today, according to the Washington Times, Durbin and his staff are denying that the religious interrorgation took place and that the Senator or anyone on his staff told Turley otherwise. But Turley insists that the information came straight from Durbin, when the two met in the green room at one the Sunday gab shows.
Who is telling the truth, Turley or Durbin? Hugh Hewitt puts his money on the law professor, not the politician, and who can blame him? Says Hugh:

I don’t think Professor Turley would make up such a potentially important statement. I think Dick “you’d think I was describing Nazis” Durbin is a double-talking hack who wanted to plant a story but didn’t think Turley would quote him. It is pretty clear that Durbin lied to Turley, and that is a warning to the nominee to always have a witness with him when he talks to Democrats.


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