Number 4 with a bullet

Over at SoxBlog, Dean Barnett reports the results of the latest nationwisde survey by the Pew Research Center. The poll mostly focuses on American opinion regarding Islam and Muslims, but also measures the favorability of American opinion toward Christians, Jews and Muslims. The survey holds a number of results that are surprising to me, most of which are summarized with bite and humor by Dean in “Pew Poll: P.C. and P.U.”
I don’t want to spoil the suspense of the poll results, but Jews do considerably better than evangelical Christians, who place just ahead of Muslims in favorability. Meryl Yourish gives me cause to consider one of the anomalies of the poll results. I don’t think that the Jewish people have better friends, or Israel more fervent supporters, than evangelical Christians. Shouldn’t the favorable ratings of America’s Jews rub off on evangelical Christians? The homeland of the Jewish people most assuredly continues to require their support. In any event, Yourish argues that, when it comes to the Middle East, Secretary Rice is “A chip off the old Powell.” (Courtesy of Instapundit.)
UPDATE: Sister ToldJah discusses other anomalies of the survey results: “Fewer people link Islam, violence.”


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