Are you now or have you ever been?

The White House has treated Judge Roberts’s connection to the Federalist Society, whatever it is, as the trace of an identity that needs to be erased. In that this behavior seems to assent to the view of the Federalist Society as an organization with which judicial candidates should ideally not be associated, the White House has been both unwise and ungrateful.
Unlike membership in the Communist Party, no position on any issue can be inferred by an attorney’s membership in the Federalist Society. Why defer to the left’s treatment of the Federalist Society as a bogeyman? Manuel Miranda elaborates in today’s Wall Street Journal: “The ‘evil cabal’ of conservative lawyers.”
On a related note, the New York Sun follows up on Jonathan Turley’s column (linked by Paul on Monday with additional comment yesterday) with a good editorial whose heading echoes the heading of Paul’s original post: “The religious test.”


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