Is our children learning?

At Swanblog my colleague Peter Swanson comments on this Minneapolis Star Tribune article on military recruitment of Minneapolis high school students: “Minneapolis schools: Military recruiters criticized.” Peter comments in “Recruiters, protestors and packets.” The Minneapolis school board speaks:

“Everyone knows military recruiters are going after students that are poor and students of color. That’s many of our students,” Board Member Peggy Flanagan said. “When I talk to students, it’s what they’re passionate about.”

Where do you suppose Minneapolis high school students learned that they have to fear a phone call from a military recruiter? I suppose the schools are instructing them in one of the great lessons of history: First they call you and ask that you consider volunteering to join the Army. Next comes the sound of jackboots and the knock on the door in the middle of the night. As Peter points out, however, fortunately for a country at war, the left-wingers running the schools of course support the troops.


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