Confirming (the other) John Roberts

Brent Bozell has a funny media column today: “Confirming John Roberts.” The column opens:

Unquestionably, the weirdest moment of news coverage of the newest Supreme Court nomination came on CBS, where the unveiling of nominee John Roberts was anchored by … another John Roberts, the CBS White House reporter.
The CBS veteran, previously known in Canada by his disc-jockey name, J.D. Roberts, responded with admirable humor and humility at that strange junction, quipping that after four years on the White House beat, “I couldn’t imagine the name ‘John Roberts’ and the phrase ‘widely admired for his intellect, his sound judgment and his personal decency’ being used in the same time zone, let alone the same sentence.”

Bozell seems to have been inspired by the harmonic convergence of the two Robertses.


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