He only writes conservative

Ann Coulter continues to doubt whether John Roberts is a conservative, even as his Justice Department musings from the 1980s show him taking consistently conservative positions on the legal issues of the day. I don’t see how anyone can read his memos, together with his judicial opinions from 20 years later, and conclude that Roberts is other than a conservative.
Look for the liberal Democrats to end the “grace period” (such as it was) and turn up the heat. Impotence-drunk Senator Schumer’s performance yesterday gave us a preview.
UPDATE: I should add that the clear conservatism of Roberts’ writings isn’t good enough for certain liberal media outlets that pay insufficient heed to what Roberts actually said and the context, and thus embellish the extent of the conservatism. Mitch McConnell blows the whistle on this (see also this piece in the Washington Times).


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