London Bomb Network Rolled Up

It’s a little hard to follow the details, but it appears that all of the would-be bombers who participated in the July 21 attacks on London’s transit system have been apprehended, along with a number of other suspects in both the July 7 and July 21 incidents. Arrests have been made in Italy and Zambia as well as England, illustrating again the international nature of the terrorist threat. The raids in England, the only ones described in detail so far, involved quite a bit of drama.
One interesting item: one of those arrested is a bus driver:

In addition, a witness told The Associated Press that a man wearing what appeared to be a bus driver’s uniform was led away by police in handcuffs.
The witness, Osama Ahmed Ali, saw a Somali man whom he recognized as a bus driver.
“He was in a purple-and-yellow bus driver uniform,” said Ali, 16. “I’ve been on a bus with him a couple of times.”


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