What I’m hearing

John Bolton has got the recess appointment.
UPDATE: It’s official now. This was the right thing to do. Recess appointments should be reserved for special circumstances. Using filibuster tactics to block a nominee who has clear majority support qualfies. When our system is functioning properly, a branch of government that acts abusively pays a price. The Senate Democrats, through their over-use of the filibuster, have acted abusively.
We may be moving towards a system in which presidential appointees who have 60 votes will be confirmed and those who can’t obtain that many will serve temporarily. That’s not a good system, but it’s where the Senators Schumer, Dodd, Leahy, Kennedy, etc. seem to be taking us.
FURTHER UPDATE: Even by their pitiful standards, leftist bloggers are losing it over Bolton’s appointment. Via Michelle Malkin. Meanwhile, here’s Cliff May’s take at the NRO Corner:

Bolton’s opponents are saying he is “damaged.”
If that’s true, it’s because they have for months been working assiduously to damage him.
They say he will be less effective because he doesn’t have Senate approval.
If that’s true, it’s because a few Senators prevented their colleagues from having an opportunity to vote for (or against) him.
They say without Senate approval, Bolton won’t represent the Congress.
He will, however, represent the President of the United States.
The fact that he may not represent Chris Dodd should not be terribly debilitating.


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