Ohio, again

There’s a special election today to fill a congressional seat in southern Ohio that has been vacated. It’s a Republican district, but the Democrats have put up a former marine who served in Iraq, opposes the war, and has had some rather nasty things to say about President Bush. The national left has been pouring money into his campaign.
Most of the votes have been counted but the race is too close to call.
Via PoliPundit.
UPDATE: The Republican, Jean Schmidt wins with 52 percent of the vote. PoliPundit describes the good, the bad, and the ugly of this result.
UPDATE: I should add that, although the Democrat, Paul Hackett, made some nasty references to President Bush, he also ran an ad that made him appear to be a pro-Bush Marine supporting the work of our troops in Iraq. Presumably the nasty references (on Chris Matthews’ show for example) were aimed at national leftist contributors, while the pro-Bush stuff was for consumption by the voters.


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