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Now that the over-hyped Ohio congressional race is over, folks may pay more atention to this year’s race for governor of Virginia between Republican Jerry Kilgore and Democrat Tim Kaine. The general view is that Kilgore would defeat Kaine handily in a two-way race. However, a third candidate, state senator Russell Potts, pulls his not inconsiderable support mostly from voters who otherwise would likely favor Kilgore.
The latest Rasmussen poll has Kilgore leading Kaine 44 percent to 39 percent, with 5 percent saying they will vote for another candidate. This has been the approximate margin in Rasmussen’s polls for several months now.
Potts’ name was not included in the survey; instead, voters were given the option of supporting “some other candidate.” The Rasmussen outfit says it finds this approach to dealing with minor third candidates the most reliable way to poll in most situations. In three months, we’ll find out whether this was one of them.


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