Furrowed Brows at the Times

Yes, the New York Times is fretting. Its reporters and editors are concerned. (Not about Air America, of course; even though Eliot Spitzer has announced that he is launching an investigation into the Gloria Wise Boys’ and Girls’ Club’s “loans” to Air America, the Times is doggedly clinging to its insistence that there is no story there, at least until tomorrow morning, when its readers will be, as so often happens, the last to know.) What they are concerned about is this: “Is There Room for a Gentleman in a Debate on Judge Roberts?”. And who, you ask, is the gentleman in question? None other than hyper-partisan Democratic Party hit man Pat Leahy!
The Times has internalized the fevered musings of the Democrats’ weirdest precincts:

Senate Democrats remain divided about how hard to challenge the nomination, but some of them clearly worry that the gentlemanly Mr. Leahy, the leader of any nominal opposition, might prove too accommodating.

You might wonder: where on earth could the Times find someone who would call Leahy a “gentleman” and worry that he may be “too accommodating”? No problem. The Times found two sources: Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer! (Is this what they mean by the “two source” rule?)
It’s possible, of course, that in the end Leahy and his fellow Democrats may prove accommodating with respect to Judge Roberts–“accommodating” in the sense of, “we tried, but couldn’t dig up any dirt on him.”
UPDATE: I saw this Cox & Forkum cartoon on Michelle Malkin’s site, but it’s too funny not to share with those who haven’t already seen it; click to enlarge:


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