Victor Davis Hanson on “Hillary’s metamorphosis.” In discussing this topic it’s useful to distinguish between domestic policy and national security policy. With respect to the first area, Hillary’s metamorphosis is transparently a fraud. Here, she votes liberal down the line and will continue to do so. Her statements on the topic of abortion — that she hopes they are rare and that she respects the other side — are largely meaningless.
When it comes to national security, however, no one can say with assurance whether her metamorphosis is genuine. Her utterances on immigration, her votes on Iraq, and her generally aggressive posture on defense all may be a political charade. Or she may genuinely have learned, after 9/11, that the world is a dangerous place, and that Islamofascism must be counter-attacked, not merely defended against.
The danger for Republicans is that Hillary can be elected president regardless of whether anyone buys her domestic metamorphosis, as long as a good chuck of the electorate buys her metamorphosis with respect to national security policy. That’s why, as Hanson points out, Republicans, including some conservatives, are taking a careful look at Rudy Giuliani on the theory that he may be “the only candidate who can derail Hillary.”


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