From the fever swamp

This post by a left-wing blogger apparently is what passes for discourse on the other side of the blogosphere. David Bernstein at Volokh Conspiracy notes how well the post was received in that fever swamp. The blurb on Michelle Malkin tells you all you need to know about the blogger who wrote it and more importantly those, such as Atrios, who linked favorably to it.
Via Instapundit.
JOHN adds: Sick, but typical. I’ve been an admirer of Michelle M. for a long time, and over the past year she’s become a friend. It would be possible, no doubt, to imagine a nicer, more fair-minded and fun-loving person than Michelle, but don’t hold your breath waiting to meet one. Michelle comes in for more than her fair share of abuse because of her gender and ethnicity–you could pursue this line of thought further, but I don’t recommend it–but she stands so far above her mostly-anonymous left-wing critics that their slanders reflect only on them.


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