Reversal of fortune?

Lawrence Kudlow on the possible emergence of a strategic alliance between the United States and India, the world’s two largest English-speaking democracies. Forty years ago, India was a sanctimonious irrelevancy, spouting nonsense about non-alignment and the “third way” against the backdrop of the Cold War and its own sputtering statist economy. Western Europe, meanwhile, was our key strategic ally and trading partner, playing the role (almost convincingly) of a bulwark against the world’s leading Communist power and threat to peace.
Today, Kudlow shows, India more and more answers to that description. What about the former Western Europe? It’s not where India was 40 years ago, but parts of my capsule description fit pretty well, and increasingly so.
JOHN adds: For more, check out our post from last May: “Bush Administration Pursuing Strategic Partnership With India”.


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