Power Line News–A New Resource for the News Junkie

If you’re like us, you can’t go for more than a few hours without checking the web to make sure you haven’t missed an interesting breaking news item. There are lots of places to go for breaking news, but until now, to our knowledge, there hasn’t been a place where you could go for the latest wire service stories, web-based commentary, and other news sources. So we created one: Power Line News.
Power Line News is intended to be the ultimate resource for news junkies. You can check out breaking news stories, see how the stock market is doing, and pick up the latest in blog-based political commentary via RSS feeds from top political sites. (More will be added as we go along.) In addition, if you scroll over the map of the world at the top of the site, you can access major newspapers from around the world. And the links on the left side of the page bring you the latest news from selected countries, and by category, such as business, entertainment, sports, etc.
We hope you enjoy Power Line News, and find it to be useful. Speaking for ourselves, we’ve already found it addictive. We developed the site in collaboration with our friends at iii-Interactive; they did a tremendous job.
If you have ideas for ways we can improve Power Line News and make it more useful to you, let us know. Our goal is to make Power Line News the premier site on the web for up-to-the-minute news coverage.