Not Our Usual Topic, But…

Allen Chung is a friend and classmate of my son, and is trying to raise money for college. He is a nice kid, but shy. Really shy. In fact, he is auctioning off his first kiss on eBay. Tonight his fundraising effort was featured on WCCO television news in the Twin Cities. They did a nice story on Allen’s auction, but the sad reality is that at last word, the high bid was 17 cents. That won’t put a big dent in Allen’s tuition. So: I know we have a lot of female readers, and if you’re willing to help out a deserving would-be college freshman, you can bid here for Allen’s first kiss.
Read what he has to say; he makes a pretty good case. I know Allen, and he’s a good kid, but from there, you’re on your own!
UPDATE: The bidding is now up to $3.60! I think there is still some up-side.
FURTHER UPDATE: $61. We get results!
THE LATEST: $112.50!
A SAD CONCLUSION: It was a tough day for Allen. Bidding got up to over $160, which was great. CNN was talking to him about appearing on one of their shows this afternoon, which was also great. But then CNN canceled, and, shortly thereafter, eBay pulled the plug on Allen’s auction on the ground that it violated one of their policies. So it looks like Allen won’t get next year’s books paid for after all.


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