The vindication of Mark Yost, take 3

St. Paul Pioneer Press associate editorial page editor Mark Yost chastised his Fourth Estate colleagues in a column last month for presenting a skewed picture of events in Iraq: “Why they hate us.” The reaction to Yost’s column exposed the epidemic of thin skin among those who love to dish it out; he was more or less invited to leave the trade.
Yesterday Mary Katharine Ham told the story at Townhall in a terrific column: “Knight-Ridder: Closer to the fight than the Marines.” Reader Mark Pittard also directs us to yesterday’s New York Times story by Katharine Q. Seelye: “Editors ponder how to present a broad picture of Iraq.” Add these two items to the internal Pioneer Press memo that we posted here and you might begin to think that Mark Yost is owed an apology.


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