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If the MSM won’t investigate Air America, the bloggers will do it themselves. Michelle Malkin and Radio Equalizer will, anyway. They are collaborating on a four-part investigative report, the first installment of which, linked to above, is now up on Michelle’s site. They have obtained court records relating to the legal battle between Air America’s owners and Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc. A New York judge has entered judgment against Air America, terming its conduct in litigation “frivolous.” Now Multicultural has started a new lawsuit to collect on the debt, and has named as defendants past officers and directors of Air America Radio, as well as Air America’s current owner, Piquant LLC.
In this lawsuit, Multicultural alleges that the transfer of Air America Radio from Radio Free America to Piquant was fraudulent–a sham transaction somewhat like the Enron partnerships, only worse. Normally I’m very skeptical of claims made in pleadings in litigation; they are sometimes true, but should hardly be taken as Gospel. In this case, though, the allegations are very detailed, replete with names, dates and specific information. It sounds as though Multicultural has an inside source, likely David Goodfriend, who is portrayed in the complaint as the one honest person associated with Air America.
Air America went out of its way to make an enemy of Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, and now is paying the price.
One last entertaining point: Believing, apparently, that the best defense is a good offense, Air America attacked Multicultural by making defamatory claims against its President:

Radio Free America issued a scathing press release on the Air America Radio website entitled the “Sludge Report” that disparaged Multicultural’s President, Arthur Liu. Among other things, the press release accused Liu of “ripping off” Radio Free America Chirman Evan Cohen. The “Sludge Report” further stated that Radio Free America was “chasing [Liu] down with a pipe wrench” and was “going to slam Liu’s head in a car door.” In addition, the Sludge Report published Mr. Liu’s phone number and encouraged the public to call and harass him.

This last is a popular tactic on the Left, having been used against one of the Red State bloggers just last week. This time, though, it seems to have backfired, as Multicultural is apparently in no mood to take prisoners. You can see the “Sludge Report” item here; parts of it were intended to be funny, I think. But Mr. Liu isn’t laughing.
Stay tuned for the remaining three installments in the Air America series.


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