LA Arrests Linked to Islamic Prison Gang

On August 2, Los Angeles police arrested two men on on a robbery charge, and found evidence that they were planning to carry out terrorist attacks in that city. A third arrest has now been announced in that investigation, and authorities are now investigating whether the men are part of an Islamic gang centered on California State Prison in Sacramento.
Press accounts say that the men who were arrested possessed a “target list” that included “three National Guard facilities, the Israeli Consulate and several synagogues.” Authorities have said that they believe “the attacks were to be carried out on Sept. 11, the Jewish High Holidays or other dates.”
The terrorist gang members’ preoccupation with synagogues, the Israeli embassy and the Jewish High Holidays parallels the anti-Semitism found in the rambling diatribes of Cindy Sheehan and other far-left leaders of the “antiwar” movement.
Via Power Line News.


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