If It Weren’t For the Honor…

…a terrorist might prefer not to be al Qaeda’s leader in Saudi Arabia. We noted just six weeks ago that the leader of al Qaeda’s Saudi branch had been killed in a shootout with police. That individual, a Moroccan named Younis Mohammed Ibrahim al-Hayari, “had headed al Qaeda’s Saudi branch for only a short time, following the death of his predecessor.”
Today the Saudis reported that al-Hayari’s successor, Saleh Mohammed al-Aoofi, who had been “in office” for less than two months, was one of six terrorists killed in a series of police raids in Medina and Riyadh. One wonders who is left to pick up the mantle. Of the 26 al Qaeda terrorists on the Saudis’ most wanted list as of December 2003, 25 have now been captured or killed. I suppose that last guy must be next in line.
Things are not going well for al Qaeda these days.
Via Power Line News.


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