To all the ships at sea

Don’t miss today’s New York Sun editorial about the UN at work: “Bolton’s back.” The headline audaciously likens Bolton to Churchill, whose return to the Admiralty in 1939 prompted the signal to go out to the British fleet: “Winston’s back.” I appreciate the spirit.
The Sun editorial comes with a fascinating footnote describing the genesis of its coverage of the story regarding UN funding of terrorist propaganda:

It was a sharp-eyed foreign correspondent of the New York Times, James Bennet, who, in a dispatch issued August 15, first reported that the banner with the threat to Jerusalem had a tag line saying it had been paid for by the U.N. Development Program. This was spotted in Mr. Bennet’s dispatch by Marc Stern of the American Jewish Congress, which wrote to the United Nations. It was the AJC’s director of international affairs, David Twersky, who recognized the news implications of the UNDP’s blunder and who, though he is a contributing editor of The New York Sun, rushed out a press release to all papers at the same time. Fox News put the story on the air. It was a source at the United Nations who brought the matter to the attention of the Sun, which put the story on its front page, igniting the Web logs and proving, once again, the adage, “It’s not a scoop until it’s played like a scoop.”

I’ve never seen an editorial with a footnote before. Again, I appreciate the spirit.


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