Sheehan A Bust for Dems, Media

Because the Democrats and the national press live in a bubble, they simply don’t understand that most Americans don’t view the world the way they do. In particular, most people don’t react positively to war protesters, candlelight vigils, anti-American and anti-Semitic slurs, etc. Consequently, while the Dems thought they had finally broken through with their exploitation of Cindy Sheehan–granted, no one has ever been exploited more willingly–most Americans were either indifferent to Ms. Sheehan or repelled by her. As is evidenced by this Rasmussen poll.
By a 38% to 35% plurality, Americans disapprove of Cindy Sheehan. And that’s what they’re willing to say to pollsters! Plus, those figures are based mostly on the initial, totally positive media coverage of Sheehan. As time goes by, and people learn more about Sheehan–e.g., her anti-Americanism, and the fact that she was so fervently anti-war BEFORE her son enlisted that she vowed to run him down with her car if he joined up–her ratings will no doubt slide further.
The Summer of Cindy has been another useless diversion for the Democrats.
UPDATE: It’s a small point, but I should have said “reenlisted” instead of “enlisted.” Casey Sheehan reenlisted in August 2003, and it was then, as I understand Mrs. Sheehan’s account, that she talked about running him down with her car to keep him from participating in that “immoral war.”


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