As others see us

Forbes has posted an interesting set of reviews of Political Blogs. Among the sites reviewed are Little Green Footballs (review here), Michelle Malkin (review here), and Kausfiles (review here). About us, reviewer Michael Maiello writes:

Three conservative bloggers offer up frequent, substantial posts about the media’s “faux outrage over the link that President Bush drew between September 11 and the Iraq War…” as well as the career of conservative thinker Thomas Sowell, who just turned 75, and exhortations to read “The Claremont Review of Books.” It’s a breezily written, wide-ranging and fun blog that supports the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with enthusiasm and reason. It’s genteel in its militancy.
BEST: Lots of links to other sites, magazines and articles that are sometimes easy to miss.
WORST: No comments. Power Line could be as big as Daily Kos, but by not giving readers a voice, it gets about a tenth the traffic.

The reviewer rates TPM Cafe (review here) Forbes Favorite and us, along with five others, a Forbes Best of the Web pick.
We observed Sowell’s birthday here in June with a plea that the White House recognize Sowell’s contributions with a Presidential Medal of Freedom.