Poor judgment

It was disappointing to hear Senator George Allen opine that President Bush should meet a second time with Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan’s protest is inconsequential. The strength of the anti-war movement depends on the public’s perception of our progress or lack thereof in Iraq, not its perception of Sheehan. It’s not clear that, two years from now, people will even remember Sheehan. But some conservatives likely will remember that Senator Allen thought President Bush should meet a second time with a woman fanatical enough to accuse of him killing her son for the benefit of oil interests and Israelis, and to confuse our efforts to fight terrorists and promote democracy with imperialism.
JOHN adds: Agreed. I’ve been viewing Allen as the favorite for the 2008 GOP nomination, partly because I’ve always been impressed by his political instincts, but this was misguided. It was good to meet with Mrs. Sheehan the first time, as with other military families who have lost family members in the war; meeting with her again, under these circumstances, would be demeaning to Bush’s office and would be, at best, a pointless media circus.


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