Krugmania strikes deep

On Friday the New York Times published Paul Krugman’s column “What they did last fall.” On Saturday Richard Baehr deconstructed the column at The American Thinker in “Krugman’s big lie,” and John H. also did so here in “Krugmania.”
Even sequestered in his aerie Krugman must have felt some blowback over the weekend. He tries to rehabilitate himself in today’s column: “Don’t prettify our history.” How about not lying about our history? That’s the challenge that confronts Krugman.
While John is away on personal business, Richard Baehr does the honors once again: “More baloney from Krugman.” Baehr notes toward the end of his post today:

John Hinderaker examined Krugman’s misstatements about the Ohio counties in the Power Line blog on Saturday and took them apart one by one. In today’s column, Krugman makes no attempt to resuscitate his lies about the 2004 race.

Baehr has the rest of the story at the American Thinker.


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