Pentagon: Still Not Convinced

Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times reports that the Pentagon’s investigation has found no evidence that the Able Danger data-mining team found evidence in early 2000 that Mohammed Atta was in the U.S. at that time, and was part of an al Qaeda cell.
At issue is the famous “chart” that supposedly was created in 2000, and showed Atta’s connections to other suspected terrorists. The Pentagon can’t find it:

Larry Di Rita, chief Pentagon spokesman, said investigators have failed to find a chart that Able Danger supposedly created before the winter of 2000 that listed Atta as a member of an al Qaeda cell in Brooklyn, N.Y.

There seems to be a bit of a disconnect here, as at least two people formerly connected with Able Danger have said that the chart once existed. It would be good if the “woman PhD” whom Col. Anthony Shaffer has referred to as his source for the claim that Atta was on the chart, and who apparently was the person in charge of the software that analyzed the Able Danger data, would come forward and repeat publicly what she apparently said to Col. Shaffer.


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