Diamonds and rant, take 2

Jack Risko is the proprietor of Dinocrat. Jack took note of last night’s post on Joan Baez in Crawford: “Diamonds and rant.” Today Jack writes;

Baez’s comment to 200 sad losers in a ditch in Texas is pathetic.
At 18, in 1959, at the first Newport Folk Festival, she played to 13,000.
At the 1963 March on Washington, she was a headliner, playing to 350,000 live and a worldwide TV audience.
FYI: “Why isn’t the headline: ‘The long-overdue death of the sixties.”?

Jack makes a persuasive and highly entertaining case, at least as to Joanie Phonie. Unfortunately, however, reports of the death of the sixties are highly exaggerated. The sixties live on powerfully in the academy, in the media, and in the deformed soul of the Democratic Party.


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