Michael Graham lands on his feet

A few days ago, I noted that conservative talk radio host Michael Graham had been fired by WMAL radio, ABC’s Washington affiliate. Graham had said on the air that Islam is a terrorist organization. He was fired, under pressure from CAIR (which itself has been linked to terrorists), after he stood by that remark.
Graham has now been hired by RightTalk. He will appear Monday-Friday from 12-1 p.m starting on August 29.
I disagree with Graham’s view that Islam is a terrorist organization. However, his statement is not entirely without foundation, and I was disappointed that WMAL fired him over it. Graham is a strong conservative voice, and we wish him well in his new slot.
Via LaShawn Barber.
JOHN adds: The sentence that Graham was fired for was clearly wrong and can’t be justified. But if you read his entire discussion of the issue, he talked about the fact that the vast majority of Muslims are anti-terrorist, and the world’s Muslims need to reclaim their religion from the nuts. Taken as a whole, what he said was sensible and mainstream; unfortunately, he included one inflammatory sentence along the way. Unfortunate, yes. But it shouldn’t be a career-destroying error.


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