Our Friends Have Been Busy

These are the dog days of summer in a non-election year, with nothing particular in the news. Yet there is so much going on that we can hardly keep up with it all. No one site can possibly do justice to all of the stories that are percolating, so let’s just note that our friends around the blogosphere have been busy, and if you haven’t been reading them for the last day or two, you’ve missed out. The tireless Michelle Malkin has been covering the Air America scandal, along with many other stories. Captain Ed Morrissey owns the Able Danger story, and is on top of just about everything else. This is because Ed never sleeps, I think. Hugh Hewitt understands that there is a war on, so if you want to know how it’s going, his site is a must. Glenn Reynolds, who has been accurately described as the best editor in America, can direct you to the best of the blogosphere. And two of the funniest sites on the web, Lileks and Fraters Libertas, are run by fellow Minnesotans who are–with all due respect–more or less nuts.
We are privileged to call these commentators, and many others in the blogosphere, our friends. One good way to keep up with the leading conservative blogs is by checking Power Line News, which has breaking news, links to major newspapers around the world, stock market updates, daily humor in the form of Chris Muir’s Day By Day cartoon, and RSS feeds to ten prominent center-right blogs. You won’t miss a thing if you bookmark Power Line News.


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