Professor of terrorism: An update

At FrontPage Robert Spencer has a good update on the trial of Professor Sami al-Arian on terror-related charges in federal court in Tampa: “Terrorist professor.”
Peter Collier also announces today at FrontPage: “Heterodoxy lives.” Peter writes: “Today begins the re-publication of all eight years of Heterodoxy magazine whose issues will appear every Friday on this page.” The first issue of Heterodoxy is available here (in PDF).
FrontPage was the first national publication that carried a piece by John and me after we started writing together in 1992. We’ll want to draw your attention to the issue of FrontPage with that piece (on the BS team — Donald Barlett and James Steele) when it comes around. We remain grateful to Peter Collier for his willingness to take a look at our stuff back then and for his encouragement at the time. It meant a lot to us.


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