Another Able Danger Shoe Drops

This is shoe number three; Able Danger is starting to look like a centipede. Defense contractor J.D. Smith, who says he worked on the technical side of the data mining project, says he is “absolutely positive” that Mohammed Atta was on the list of terrorist suspects that the group generated. He says that the Able Danger team acquired a photograph of Atta from overseas, and that Atta was just one form of the name that the individual used.
I’ve been cautious on this story, and I still am. Where have these people been since September 2001? How reliable are their memories nearly four years later? Where are the documents that might corroborate their story? Do all of these individuals really remember Atta, or, like the original source, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, are they merely repeating something they heard another member of the team say? And where is the “female PhD” who, according to Shaffer, ran the software for the project and told him that Atta had been identified in 2000?
If the Able Danger story is true, more shoes are almost certain to drop. It’s looking better than it did a week ago, but it could still collapse.
Via Captain Ed and Power Line News.


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