The Latest From Crawford

Pro-America protesters are descending on Crawford, Texas to counter Cindy (“America is not worth dying for”) Sheehan, Michael (the terrorists are “Iraq’s Minutemen”) Moore, Al Sharpton, and other far-left publicity hounds. The Associated Press has an account (via Power Line News) that mentions the Protest Warriors, whose encounter with the pro-America group was tense, for a moment, until the pro-Americans realized that the Protest Warriors were on their side. We talked to one of the Protest Warriors on our radio show this afternoon, live from the Minnesota State Fair. He was calling from Crawford, and related the same story that is repeated by the AP.
Documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus of Chicago is in Crawford to cover the action; his site Lights Camera Protest has some good photos. Andrew notes the lavish funding that supports Sheehan’s publicity stunt: “Michael Moore and Ben from Ben and Jerry


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