Street fighting paleo con

John Leo does a pretty good job on the Rolling Stones “Sweet Neo Con” single and current tour: “Rock star ‘con’ job.” Leo poses as Mr. Answer Man fielding readers’ questions:

Mr. Answer Man, I see in the newspapers that Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones complained, “George Bush doesn’t listen to us.” What does he mean?
I think he means that despite their tremendous body of work, singing all those songs of youthful rebellion for more than four decades (a gas, gas, gas, in my opinion), the Stones are still not consulted on political and military policy. Nobody in Washington even wants to know their opinion of CAFTA. It must be galling.

The last question fielded by Mr. Answer Man is also a good one:

Do you think the Stones will offer further political guidance, like what to do about Iran and North Korea, the apparent failure of the European Union or the future of the Commerce Clause?

I apologize in advance for spoiling the suspense, but Mr. Answer Man doesn’t think so.


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