“The Fake and the Dead”

Mudville Gazette has an excellent summary of the “Kodee Kennings” hoax, with definitive commentary:

There are two types of Iraq war veterans that have a tremendous appeal to the anti-war crowd – the fictional and the dead. Both types have a common, irresistible trait – others can claim to speak on their behalf.
Dan Kennings is both types.
There are elements to the story that would reveal it as an obvious fake to anyone remotely familiar with the US military or the war in Iraq, but apparently few folks at Southern Illinois University qualify in that regard.

Now that the “Kodee Kennings” letters to her father have been revealed as fakes, how does the AP spin the story?

They avoid detailing the substance of “Kendee’s” letters – but imply the hoax was perpetrated as some sort of pro-war propaganda.

Via Power Line News.


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