Power Line News Updated

Power Line News has been very popular, as the first site on the web where you can get both up to date news and blog commentary via RSS feeds, along with access to dozens of foreign newspapers, news aggregated by subject, market information, and more. Since the site debuted two weeks ago, we have been working on updating and improving it to make it more useful for our readers. A revamped Power Line News went live about an hour ago.
The main purpose of the revised design is to speed up load times. I think you’ll see that the new design loads much faster, without sacrificing content.
Within the next day or two, we’ll be adding a breaking news feed to go along with the headline news feeds we are currently featuring. At all times, you’ll be able to see both the most recent news stories–important or not–along with the main news stories of the day, via Fox and Yahoo’s headline news services.
Let us know how you like the new design, and please pass on any suggestions as to how we can make the site more useful to you.


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