The Krugman Korrection, take 2

Last week we noted the case of the Krugman Korrection here and in “Into your life it will creep.” Krugman appended his “corrections” to his kolumn this past Friday, in part reiterating one of the key misrepresentations of his previous kolumn.
The case of the Krugman Korrection implicated the Star Tribune because the Strib had run Krugman’s kolumn on August 22, after it had already been exposed as a fraud here by John and elsewhere by others. True to form, the Star Tribune korrects Krugman’s kolumn by running his Times kolumn with the “corrections” appended, four days after they have run in the Times, four days after their inadequacy has been exposed here and elsewhere, and in a weekday edition of the Star Tribune with half the circulation of the Sunday edition where Krugman’s kolumn originally ran: “Why many aren’t cheering about the economy.”
Bad as the Star Tribune is, the Portland Oregonian is even worse. Like the Star Tribune, it ran Krugman’s kolumn on August 22. On Sunday, according to reader Jeff Kempe, the Oregonian ran Krugman


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