Live from the APSA convention

Paul and I have spoken at two of the panels sponsored by the Claremont Institute at the annual convention of the American Political Science Association this week in Washington. I’m going back to give it one more shot tomorrow morning, at the institute’s panel on Ronald Pestritto’s important new book on Woodrow Wilson, Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism. I’d provide a link, but I’m overpaying for computer access by the minute from the hotel where I’m staying at the moment.
As Paul noted last night, we spoke on a panel this morning on bloggers and politics. Our press counterparts were Peter Canellos, the DC bureau chief of the Boston Globe, and Bill Gertz, the reporter and columnist for the Washington Times. The panel was interesting and I hope to say more about it when I get home on Sunday. For the moment, however, I only want to direct you to the photographs kindly taken this morning by Charmaine and Jack Yoest that Charmaine has posted at Reasoned Audacity, one with the incomparable Michael Barone. Charmaine promises a report on the panel discussion later.
UPDATE: Rusty Shackleford reports on the panel here from his perch at The Jawa Report. Rusty has more APSA coverage here.


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