I can see how he would think that

Yesterday, Scott and I participated in a forum on blogs and politics sponsored by the Claremont Institute. Bill Gertz of the Washington Times and Peter Canellos, Washington bureau chief of the Boston Globe, also took part.
It was particularly gracious of Canellos to participate, and to endure roughly half an hour of crticism by Scott and me of the MSM. When it was Canellos’ turn to speak, he returned the favor. Canellos believes that blogs will play a useful role in spreading information among people living in the same community or sharing the same interest. He also sees promise for blogs as a vehicle through which respectable journalists can branch out. When it comes to political blogs, however, Canellos sees little future. He thinks that, because political blogs are irresponsible with the facts and essentially paranoid, they likely will soon become an embarrassment and a joke.
But here’s the thing — Canellos stated that virtually all of his familiarity with political blogs consists of reading items that leftists send him in an effort to get the Globe to pay more attention to the things they are ranting about.
SCOTT adds: Charmaine Yoest has posted brief reports on our presentations here (me) and here (Paul).


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