NARAL dollars at work

Red-state Senate Democrats, particularly those up for re-election next year, are tilting in favor of John Roberts, reports the Washington Post. One such Democrat, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, says, “I am impressed with [Roberts’] demeanor, his sense of humor, his modesty. Absent some bombshell, which I don’t expect, I think he will be confirmed and quite handily.”
The Post also notes that for every three Americans who think less favorably of Roberts as they’ve heard more, four Americans view him more favorably. That’s bad news for NARAL, NOW, and People for the American Way, who appear to be wasting their money. And conservatives can take heart from the fact that most of the post-nomination substantive news about Roberts has tended to show him as staunchly conservative, although it’s not clear that it’s this news that’s improving his standing.
The Post’s Jim VandeHei reports that some Democratic strategists believe Roberts could win the votes of 80 Senators, which would mean a majority of the Democrats. Two days ago, I would have said this is probably unrealistic. However, with it now clear that another nominee will follow right on the heels of Roberts, many Blue-state Democrats may be inclined to hold their fire so as to maintain their credibility in case President’s Bush’s next nominee is more vulnerable.


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