Howard Quacks

He’s at it again. Howard Dean told the annual meeting of a black church group that racism was to blame for the deaths that resulted from Hurricane Katrina:

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean has told one of the nation’s largest black church groups that racism was a factor in the rising death toll from Hurricane Katrina.
Dean told the annual meeting of the National Baptist Convention of America in Miami that the nation must “come to terms with the ugly truth that skin color, age and economics played a deadly role in who survived and who did not.”
He also said the funds that now support the Iraq war could be used to rebuild New Orleans or to aid the poor and elderly.

Note how Dean seamlessly merges age, income and race. Age could have been correlated, to some degree, with the death toll, in that elderly people might have had more trouble obeying the mandatory evacuation order, and the local authorities failed to provide buses or other means of transportation to escape the city before the hurricane struck. Likewise, perhaps, with income. But race? There isn’t a scrap of evidence that race had anything to do with it. What is Dean trying to imply? That the Louisiana authorities kicked black people off buses? Barricaded the streets and stopped black people from driving out of town? Is he saying that National Guard helicopters flew over black people on rooftops and rescued white people or Hispanics or Asians instead?
I think the nation needs to “come to terms with the ugly truth” that the Democrats are a bunch of race hustlers whose political self-interest always–always–overcomes any regard for truth or fairness.
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