The “stuff happens” presidency

That’s what knee-jerk leftist columnist Howard Meyerson dubs the Bush administration. And it’s true that a lot of stuff has happened under Bush, and not just hurricanes. Two terror sponsoring regimes in a key part of the world, both of which were among the most grotesquely repressive in the world, have been overthrown. Tens of thousands of terrorists around the world have been killed. A recession has ended, replaced by high rates of growth and an unemployment rate below 5 percent, with hundreds of thousands of new jobs being created every month. A wide-ranging legislative agenda (in some cases for better; in some for worse) has been enacted, one that encompasses taxes, education, prescription drugs, and energy policy. Strong conservatives have joined our courts of appeals and, in all likelihood, a strong, brilliant, and young conservative will join the the Supreme Court as its chief.
One bit of stuff hasn’t happened (although that could change instantly) — we haven’t had a terrorist attack on our soil in almost four full years.


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