Today in Arafatistan

The day after Yasser Arafat died, I wrote in “Omitted from Arafat’s AP obituary”:

In the notorious tradition of the “175ers” among the Nazi leadership, Arafat led an incredibly dissolute life. It was his dissolute life that ultimately resulted in his contraction of AIDS, the disease that led to his death outside Paris yesterday. As with so many basic facts about this utterly vile human being, the truth (although baldly reported by Oriana Fallaci in the fall of 1981) remains shrouded in myth, deception and outright lies.

Today Haaretz reports: “Yasser Arafat died of AIDS or poisoning.”
The Jerusalem Post (here) and the New York Times (here) also carry articles with original reporting on the subject. Israel Insider summarizes the background and intrigue regarding the cause of Arafat’s death: “Arafat’s physician: French found AIDS; cover-up alleged on cause of death.” (Thanks to Jim Brown and Menorah Blog.)
UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has more here.


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